Premium multifunction laser platform Estetica 3.0 for aesthetic medicine

Professional multifunction laser platform Estetica 3.0 for clinics and medspa businesses
More than 250 clinics in the world use Estetica
Direct sales from the manufacturer
The Estetica platform is a multifunctional modular device that helps laser therapy professionals reach a new level of expertise
Intelligent personalization
Change the power and momentum of the impact, solving customer problems at the highest level
High safety standards
Estetica: Protecting Health and Beauty. Our procedures are suitable even for sensitive skin

Mobility and ergonomics
Experience pure work pleasure with our ergonomic design and mobile construction
All Estetica Laser technologies have successfully undergone clinical trials, confirming their effectiveness
Recommended by experts
Procedures and services - an opportunity with Estetica 3.0
ESTETICA allows you to perform the most requested procedures safely and effectively on a single device

  • Age-related changes in the skin.
  • The presence of small wrinkles.
  • Remodeling.
  • Signs of photoaging.
  • Elastose.
  • Eyelid lift.
  • Permanent make-up in the area of eyebrows and lips.
  • Professional monochrome and color tattoos.
  • Unprofessional monochrome and color tattoos.
Tattoos and permanent makeup
  • Pigment pathologies.
  • Vascular lesions.
  • Post-acne: spots, scars.
  • Uneven skin color.
  • Photodamage to the skin.
  • Enlarged pores.
  • Striae.
  • Acne.
Aesthetic cosmetology
  • Unwanted hair growth anywhere on the body.
Choose lasers for your needs
types of lasers for complex work
Diode Laser for Hair Removal
Using an infrared laser beam with a wavelength of 808nm. allows you to selectively affect the hair follicle, which destroys the reproductive ability of the hair and stops unwanted hair growth in the treated area. Estetica Diode emitters use only sapphire crystals, unlike analogues from other manufacturers. This allows you to increase the efficiency of skin cooling by 80% during the procedure, so the procedure becomes not only safe, but also more comfortable.
peak power
up to 3,000 W
single, HD Motion, double, fast
4 operating modes
Painless procedure thanks to 6-channel cooling
Wavelength: 808 nm
Pulse Q
Laser for tattoo removal and pigmentation treatment
The most all-weather laser in laser cosmetology. It is used to remove professional and amateur tattoos, as well as for laser monopulse carbon peeling. The use of the Estetica Pulse Q laser is possible both in the mode of a single powerful nanosecond "mono-pulse" (when it is required to fragment a complex tattoo pigment at a great depth), and in the pulse train mode, in the case when layer-by-layer fragmentation of the dye is required.
for every occasion
3 modes
Wavelengths: 1064 nm, 532 nm
  • Three nozzles included:
  • KTR
  • for carbon peeling,
  • telescopic 1064 nm
Great for monopulse carbon peeling
Pulse L
Long-pulse laser for the treatment of vascular lesions
Estetica Pulse L monopulse technology provides uniform heating of the target vessel throughout the entire volume without heating and damaging the surrounding healthy tissue. The presence of sapphire thermoelectric cooled crystals provides comfort and safety during the procedure of laser coagulation of blood vessels
Wavelength: 1064 nm
The procedure is completely painless and safe.
Nozzle Ø 6 mm
Nozzle 5x2.5 mm
Nozzle Ø 9 mm
3 nozzles
Does not damage neighboring tissues during vascular coagulation
Pulse N
Non-ablative laser
A new generation of non-ablative lasers with a unique wavelength of 1340 nm. Due to the highest penetrating power of laser radiation in the class of non-ablative lasers, the Pulse N laser is ideal for the treatment of complex subdermal and dermal pathologies: for stretch marks, stretch marks, hypertrophic and atrophic scars, as well as laser non-ablative rejuvenation.
Wavelength: 1340 nm
The procedure is safe and leaves no traces.
Recovery takes no more than a few days
Rejuvenation does not require significant post-procedural restrictions
Pulse F
Ablative laser
In addition to the traditional "ablation", the Estetica Pulse F technology is unique in that it provides operation in a special acoustic-thermal mode. A method in which a high-intensity acoustic pulse is generated, the penetration depth of which is a multiple higher than the thermal penetration depth of laser radiation, which allows reaching and stimulating cells up to the level of the SMAS layer of the skin.
Wavelength: 2940 nm
Ultra-short pulse and enhanced collagen production.
Soft mode
Improvement of skin quality, regeneration of new collagen.
Mode moderate
Reducing the volume of old collagen.
Intensive mode
Optical emitter for wide range procedures
Unlike IPL systems of previous generations, Estetica IPL technology provides uniform heating of the target in a time comparable to the duration of a laser pulse, providing efficient energy supply of a special spectral range to the target. The impact, in which healthy tissue remains untouched.
Wavelengths: 190 - 2000 nm
Quick and easy filter change during treatment
Xenon lamp increases the spectral efficiency of the handpiece
Sapphire cooling provides maximum comfort
Effective and painless result of Estetica 3.0
Estetica 3.0 emitters use only sapphire crystals, unlike analogues from other manufacturers. This allows you to increase the efficiency of skin cooling by 80% during the procedure, so the procedure becomes not only safe, but also more comfortable. See the real results of procedures from specialists who use Estetica equipment.
Our offers - benefit for you!

Favorable installment plan with 0% payments from 60 thousand rubles per month

Our doctors come to you to learn how to work with the platform

Get a Melanin Scanner free of charge from 2 000 EUR

Get a 3-year warranty for the Estetica 3.0 device from the manufacturer
Our offers
- benefit for you!
Melaninometer as a gift
Get melanin scanner or melaninometer for free
2 000 EUR

Get a 3-year warranty for the Estetica 3.0 device from the manufacturer
Warranty 36 months
Installment 0%
Favorable installment plan with 0% payments from 60 thousand rubles per month
On-site training
Our doctors come to you for clinical platform training
Get to know our production
We conduct constant quality control of all components during assembly
ISO 13485, each stage of assembly and production is regulated and undergoes careful double control
We are confident in our products, which is why we give a 3-year warranty, as well as provide prompt service support.
Our equipment is designed by leading scientists in the field of optics and laser technology
All internal electronics of the device are of Medical Grade quality - surgical precision and maximum reliability
Our qualifications are confirmed by: articles, patents, diplomas and certificates
Directly from the manufacturer - Your advantage
In the sales process, when there is one or more intermediaries in the supply chain between the Buyer and the Manufacturer, this inevitably increases the final cost of the equipment. Direct purchase gives the customer an undeniable advantage
You have the opportunity to receive the most up-to-date information and updated instructions directly from the Manufacturer. Buying direct allows us to build long-term relationships that benefit both parties.

The more people involved in a product, the more likely it is to experience quality issues and delays during shipping. We control the delivery and maintenance of our product in real time, unlike distributors
Direct access allows you to discuss with the manufacturer any questions you may have, as well as more easily receive guidance on how to use the product to maximize its effective benefits.
You can purchase ESTETICA 3.0 profitably
Grants and subsidies

Opening a beauty salon always requires significant investments. The state can provide first aid in such a case. By contacting us you will receive detailed instructions and a list of documents in order to receive up to 90% of funds for the purchase or upgrade of your equipment

Installment plan

Making a purchase in installments, our customers receive the following benefits: they do not pay interest - the amount is divided into equal parts for up to 12 months. They also do not collect a large package of documents - the installment plan is issued after the conclusion of an agreement with our company


You pay an advance to the leasing company, the leasing company buys the equipment from us and then transfers it to you for use. We deliver it to your clinic free of charge, connect it and conduct clinical training. You pay the lease payments, the purchase price and become the owner of the equipment

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More than 250 clinics work with Estetica
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